I Love LA

Interactive Retail Store Signage

Southwest Terminal, LAX - Los Angeles, CA

Project Summary

The I Love LA store is located in the Southwest airline terminal at LAX. They wanted to include an interactive screen with their new store remodel. The goal of the touch screen solution was to entertain, inform, engage and enhance the customers’ shopping experience.  I Love LA is able to update selfie images, post advertisements, and moderate social feeds.

Insteo’s award-winning design team worked with the store’s branding to make sure the style and design of the screens continued promoting their brand.

Content Included

  • Live Instagram
  • Live Twitter
  • Selfie Selector
  • Local Events
  • Weather
  • Ad Rotator

Description of Content Screens

Instagram: Displaying Instagram posts from both official posts and also following a public hashtag. The client is able to moderate the post within Insteo Display to make sure only appropriate post appear on the screen.

Twitter: Displaying tweets from both the official account and also following a public hashtag. The client is able to moderate the tweets within Insteo Display to make sure only appropriate content appear on the screen.

Selfie Selector: Using images of iconic LA hot spots, Insteo created a solution for a customer to choose a backdrop for the ultimate LA selfie. The client is able to add, remove, and rearrange the backdrop options through Insteo Display.
Local Events: Display current and upcoming events that are happening in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to inform visitors of events they may be interested in.

Weather: Weather conditions can be an important factor for any traveler. Displaying the current and next 3 days of weather helps the customer plan events accordingly.

Ads: The store is able to constantly display images of their own choosing. This gives the store the ability to display special promotions and advertisements.

Additional Details

Data Connections

- Instagram
- Twitter
- Screen Feed
- Weather
- Insteo Display

Number of Screens


Media Player

Windows Player


Insteo Display

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