In-Store Instagram Screen

New York, NY

Project Summary

Athleta wanted to engage their in-store customers with their Instagram feed. Insteo developed a custom app for their screens to emulate the look and feel of an Instagram feed on a phone. The client used 2 portrait screens stacked on top of one another to create a large, eye-catching display.

Although the app can display all items posted by Athleta, the client uses Insteo’s moderation feature to remove items that are not relevant to show in the store.

Our developers and designers fused Athleta’s existing brand into dynamically driven content that showcases their lively Instagram post.

Content Included

  • Instagram

Description of Content Screens

Instagram: The Instagram screen displays 3 official posts at a time, rotating a new post on every 8 seconds. The posts include the photo, text description and the number of likes on the post.  

Additional Details

Data Connections

- Instagram

Number of Screens

1 display of 2 screens



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