Package Waiting

Notify your tenants that they have a package waiting for them with Insteo’s Packages Waiting List! Easily manage the list from a computer and display the list in multiple high-traffic areas such as the building lobby and elevators. Customize colors to match your building’s design and branding.

- Easy web-editing of beers
- Customizable colors
- Selection of dark, medium or light beer icons

Services: Package waiting, Scheduled Pick-Up,
Screen Orientation Portrait

What’s included in your trial account?

Insteo Cloud Templates are editable within your web browser. Change menu items, import Excel files, and update events without special software. Upload content, manage your screen, and get support right from our Cloud Signage platform.

We will set up your account and menu, and send over detailed editing notes and access to our support library. You can test your template in your web browser or follow our instructions for setting up your media player. Not all media players and platforms are supported.

Free Trial Accounts do not include content/design customization or web/phone training or support, but these services are available for an hourly charge.

Insteo Templates allow for edits to items only – for example you can change any of the beers on the menu. All aspects of the design are locked down – such as layout, fonts, animation, sizing and the number of items a menu holds. We are happy to prepare a quote for changes to any of these elements which require custom programming.

If you need additional help with content editing, content customization, training, phone support, media player setup or any other services, please let us know and we will happily prepare a quote.